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Biographical sketch by Ronna Burger


Photographs from an exhibit of Benardete’s books at the New School’s Fogelman Library in 2002, with thanks to the university for its permission to publish the photos electronically

Obituary by Harvey Mansfield, reproduced here from the November 27, 2001 issue of The Weekly Standard

Program from the February, 2002 memorial service, with links to the text of the speeches given at the service

Memorial essay by Richard L. Velkley from the Winter, 2002 issue of The Claremont Review of Books

List of published works (.pdf)

Reissued edition of Benardete’s doctoral dissertation, Achilles and Hector: The Homeric Hero

Courses taught by Seth Benardete at the Latin/Greek Institute, the New School and New York University

Article on A.E. Housman — probably the last work Benardete submitted for publication, with a note by Stelios Vasilakis and foreward by Michael Davis

Book review in the February 16, 2002 New York Times of Benardete’s The Argument of the Action; this is a link to the Times’ website